Trailer of the Month – Walking Floor Refuse Trailer

Trailer of the Month

Walking Floor Refuse Trailer

This month’s trailer of the month is a walking floor refuse trailer for Baldwin County, Alabama. Warren’s steel refuse trailers are durable, reliable, and available with any option to fit your needs! Our walking floor allows you to unload your product while the body of the trailer stays stationary and flat.

steel rendering trailer





walking floor rendering trailer

This steel refuse trailer features the below specs:

Length: 46′
Width: 102″
Yardage: 113
Material: Steel
Sidewall Height: 104″
Sidewall Material: 12 Ga.
Sidewall Bracing: 3″x6″x12 Ga.
Sidewall Bracing Spacing: 24″
Crossmembers: 4″ Jr. I-beam
Crossmembers Spacing: 12″ C/L
RTU6x4x3/16″ Top Rail

The moving floor has the following specs:

Floor MFG: Keith
Floor Details: (24) #2301 Slats

Warren has a full line of refuse trailers available in both steel and aluminum. Next time you are looking for a trailer, be sure to contact Warren at 800-752-9469!

Did you know that Warren has several sister companies that produce a wide range of other truck equipment products? Be sure to visit our other websites for more information.

Trailer of the Month – WRDT-AA-3232-2 Aluminum Dump Trailer

June – 2014

This month’s trailer of the month is a Warren model WRDT-AA.  32′ Body with 32′ Frame all aluminum construction.  Built for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, this trailer features a water tight tailgate with four winders (two bottom and one on each side).  The trailer has 44″ sides/bulkhead/tailgate in order to travel through low clearance bridges which still nets 34 cubic yards of capacity.  Let Warren help you spec your next dump trailer to fit your specific needs!