Warren Rendering Trailers

Warren Equipment, Inc. (WEI) also manufactures a full line of rendering trailers in either steel or aluminum construction.  WEI manufacturers all of our trailers at our Plant City, FL location.  Also, Warren can assist you in deciding what trailer specifications would best fit your needs regardless of what you are hauling.  We manufacture both dumping rendering trailers and tipper rendering trailers.  All of our rendering trailers are tested for liquid tight seals, regardless of what you are hauling.  Because Warren is a custom trailer manufacturer, don’t hesitate to contact us for help specifying which models and options would work best for your hauling needs.

Our Warren WRDT-WRT trailers are designed for rendering, offal, & tallow.  One of the most common options on a rendering trailer is a blood tank.  Usually, blood tanks are located in front of the trailer bulkhead.  However, sometimes the blood tank is built right behind the front bulkhead in it’s own “first compartment” of the trailer.  Warren will be happy to to assist in specifying the perfect blood tank for your rendering trailer.  Perhaps, you need multiple sections in your rendering trailer?  We can help design a trailer that works best for you!  Both dumping and stationary tipper style models are available.  Most of all, Warren will work with you to build the perfect trailer for you!

Finally, feel free to contact our sales and engineering team to lean more about our line of rendering trailers.

Contact us today at 800-752-9469.