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45 ft Horizontal Discharge Ejector Trailer

This month’s featured unit is a 45 ft horizontal discharge ejector trailer (WHET). This unit is now in Gatlinburg, TN. We worked with one of our great dealers in Knoxville, TN, for this order. The trailer is constructed from all AR-450 steel. This unit has 96 inch sides and has 92 cubic yards of capacity. The customer specified Jade Green for the paint color.

45 ft horizontal discharge ejector trailer

The tailgate on this unit is 1/8 inch AR-450 Hardox steel to take advantage of the weight savings this material has to offer. As pictured, the tailgate is one piece with 3 panel braces. This trailer has our barn door tailgate style. It is also water tight with a 16 in seal.

A Hutch 3 leaf spring suspension was used for this trailer. A Donovan double flip tarp is installed on this trailer. The customer specified RY023 11R24.5 16 ply tires for this unit. We will install any tarp system, suspension, or tires that our customer specifies on our equipment.

While this 45 ft horizontal discharge ejector trailer is 96″ wide, we offer our trailers in both 96” and 102” wide steel, stainless or aluminum construction. Many lengths, heights and cubic capacity are available. Configured with the oil tank on the trailer, self contained with diesel engine, or with the wet line and tank on the tractor, we have them all. Our compactor compatible units allow maximum flexibility. We will gladly help you write your next bid specifications.

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